the worst of the wildlife
the worst of the wildlife

psycho kittens replied to your post: psycho-kittens said:Shaaaaaaaaaar…

The pot, of course

im fresh out

sketchyeh replied to your post: sketchyeh replied to your post: anonym…

I could just plant flowers ON him instead..

flowercat, part cat part….. FLOWER

dropdeadgrunge replied to your post: im really high send me asks c: <3

lucky duckyy


sketchyeh replied to your post: anonymous said:Why do cats either…

My cat smells really great until I let him outside and then he comes in smelling like outside @__@

plant flowers so ur cat smells like flowers

Anonymous asked:
he can give her a family and i’m not one for kids, but honestly i’d give her my lungs if i didn’t need them to catch my breath whenever she looks at me. even knowing all of this it still feels like there’s something missing or maybe too many things packed uncomfortably together rubbing the wrong way, like splinters of wood. parts of me know what it’s like to get burned and they’re telling me not to touch things that are only going to break me and, god, i am so fucking afraid of her.

part 2 of something thats deep probably but i cant read

Anonymous asked:
i write poems about her, but they never feel right, like i’m forcing them and when we first met i felt like i was a puzzle piece that found it’s match, but now it feels more like icebergs that used to fit slowly floating away from each other and i’m the only one who wants to reach. we’ve only known each other a few months but i swear to god when she kissed me i thought my chest was going to collapse and now she says this guy at work gives her butterflies and she can see her life with him, that-

i cant compregend this

psycho-kittens asked:

my other blogs or my pot lmao what

Anonymous asked:
Why do cats either smell really good or like dust

i thought you mean like

that they like dust like they enjoy dust lmfaaaoooo

my cats smell bad because theyre dirty little fuckos

psycho-kittens replied to your post “im really high send me asks c: <3”


yeet B)

ladispube asked:
do you have another blog

i have 4 or 5 other blogs

Anonymous asked:
i would love to be right now. lucky ass person

yeah man i live alone so i do whatever i want basically & this is the last of my weed im poor now so im gonna be unlucky real soon lol

ladispube asked:
im glad youre active yay i almost unfollowed what are you high on, how much, whats on your mind, hmu

yeah i dont like running this blog al ot so i just dont

i smoke d weed like the rest of my good shit so im reaallyy high um

one bowl lol

whats on my mind? my babe

naruto is number one dont even play

please & thanks youuuu

much appreciate

im really high send me asks c: <3